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Club Program

The Club Program rows three days a week in the early evenings, plus non-Regatta Sunday mornings, and is for experienced rowers who want to continue to improve their technique and fitness without the demand of a more rigorous daily program. One year of previous rowing experience is required.

The Goal of the Club Program is improving the rowing ability and fitness level of rowers with a wide range of technical ability and fitness levels.  Whereas the focus of the Competitive Program is on performing well relative to our peer clubs at regattas, the focus of the Club Program is on improving its members’ skill levels and physical conditioning over the duration of the season.  As such, the Club Program is a more moderate and more flexible rowing experience.  Given that racing at regattas is an excellent way of measuring improvement over the course of the season, participation at regattas is encouraged, but not required.

Program Structure
The Club Program will meet 3 days per week, with a 4th day available on non-regatta Sundays.
What can rowers expect of the program?
Given the diverse range of rowing ability and fitness level that the Club Program caters to, rowing set lineups is de-stressed; rather practice lineups are favored that foster the greatest opportunity for rowers to improve.  Regatta participation is encouraged to allow for both a goal to work towards and as a way of benchmarking improvements through the season.  However, regatta participation is not required.

What is expected of rowers?
Given that the focus of the Club Program is improvement in rowing ability, Club Program rowers are strongly encouraged to satisfy certain minimum attendance standards.  Those Club rowers who have an interest in a more moderate, less competitive rowing experience, but still wish to focus on racing in regattas and a heightened level of skill and technical proficiency are strongly encouraged  to attend at least 3 practices per week.  Club rowers who have an interest in a flexible rowing experience, focused on rowing regularly and improving their technique, but who are not interested in being boated in racing lineups are strongly encouraged to attend at least 2 practices per week.   While it is understood that rowers will miss practices for work-related travel, vacations, and other reasons, the Club Program coaches do have the prerogative to use attendance as a metric in setting practice lineups.  Similarly, Club Program coaches have the prerogative to prioritize boating lineups at practices that are preparing for regattas.

Lead Coach: Katie O'Driscoll
Assistant Coach: TBD

Tentative 2017 Racing Schedule.
Not all dates have been confirmed by the host clubs.
Sprint Race Season (1000m)
June 4 
Stonewall Regatta
Washington, DC
       July 08 
Capital Sprints
Washington, DC 

Optional (13.1 mile)
        Sept 9 
Wye Island Regatta
Wye Landing, MD

Head Race Season (2.5-2.8 miles)
      Sept 16 
Head of the Cuyahoga
Cleveland, OH 
      Sept 24 
Head of the Potomac
Washington, DC 
Oct 15 
Head of the Occoquan
Lorton, VA
Oct 28 
Head of the Schuylkill
Philadelphia, PA
*Schedule may change as season progresses



Photo by Christian Lindstrom

Ready to Sign Up?

Step 1: Become a member.

In order to participate in a program, you need to become a member.  Membership costs $35 annually.

Step 2: Register Here

Practice Schedule

March 27 - October 29
Mon, Wed, Thur, 6:15PM - 8PM.

  • Club Program rowers are encouraged to attend at least 2 days per week.
  • Club Program rowers who wish to compete in regattas are encouraged to attend at least 3 days per week.


$700, plus regatta fees and travel expenses.  Payable by personal check, credit or debit card.

  • * May be paid in three installments due March 27, April 30 and May 31.
  • * Student Discounts are available.


Contact the Programs Director